WHAT IS IT? ProBiostatin Livestock is the only Lactic yeast all natural feed additive approved by AAFCO. ProBiostatin Livestock is blended in an approved FDA lab. We blend 3 patented technologies of superior quality probiotic strains with a clinically proven facilitating agent for increased uptake and absorption. By doing so, our clinical trials have shown dramatic increases in livestock immune systems (gut Health ), increased muscle mass, production, quality of product, and return on investment while decreasing mortality rates, feed costs, the use of antibiotics and fecal matter.

How is this achieved ProBiostatin Livestock contains 3 pillars of innovation in probiotic survivability. 

Pillar 1
we use a facilitating agent to increase feed and nutrition uptake in livestock 

Pillar 2
we use a proven bio-regulator probiotic strain assimilation existing beneficial bacteria present. 

Pillar 3
we use a proven gastric reduction probiotic strain to reduce loss and improve performance 

This combination represents the most effective probiotic application to date. We invite you to put ProBiostatin Livestock to work for you. 

Why should you use PrioBiostatin Livestock with your livestock? 

Pick one feature that applies to your farm, feed lot, finishing house, or processing operation and get in touch with us. Healthier animals with increased immune system and less antibiotics. lower infections and increased production Increased muscle mass in a faster finishing cycle - more pounds produced in shorter time period. increased production utilizing the same feed. Lower feed costs by increase uptake of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Lower fecal matter and lower environmental factors. All natural ingredients with no altered genetic materials approved by AAFCO as a feed additive not a supplement. You owe it to yourself to get in touch with PROBIOSTATIN LIVESTOCK.